Waterskiing behind a pontoon boat..

Ever since I was a child I have been a fan of movement, it probably started with my Finnish heritage and my parents love of Nordic skiing.

It morphed into snowboarding in high school.

Then I went waterskiing, and I was hooked!

But there was a problem, lacking access to a powerful enough boat my trips out were few and far between.

Yet I didn’t let that deter me, I knew people, I had resources, but the biggest part was I had water skis from the 60’s, old heavy wooden water skis.

When the chance to take them out this past August arose, I couldn’t turn it down.

Even if I couldn’t buy a tow rope locally I would make my own, using a piece of fire wood and some 8mm cord and a couple of carabiners, I was ready to test my setup.

Even if my tow rope was a little short, I made it work!

The water wasn’t perfect, and I was probably too close to the boat, I still had a blast.

In conclusion, still can and still love waterskiing.

Rating: Type 1 fun for sure!

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